Abbott must block ACT "same-sex marriage" bill. E-mail Coalition & Sign petition.

The Marriage Equality Bill was introduced in the ACT Legislative Assembly on 19 September 2013 and is expected to be debated and voted on in the week of 21 October 2013. Sign the petition now.

Please write to Tony Abbott requesting that he take action against the ACT Government’s push to legalise so called homosexual ‘marriage’ around the 22nd of October.  


We advise the following actions:

• Write to Tony Abbott to act against the ACT Bill, either via the Parliament or High Court, and send a copy to your local Federal MP, irrespective of their Party and a copy to your state Senators.

• Posting a letter with a signature has a greater effect than email. (Email tool link)

• Deal with the issue in two parts:

o Making marriage law is a Federal Power according to the S 51 (xxi) Constitution, for which the prerogative to legislate has been claimed since 1961 with no evidence of relinquishing power to the States or Territories. The ACT Parliament is trying to seize power it has no right to. See the excellent article by Professor Patrick Parkinson in yesterday’s Canberra Times: Legal Pitfalls of 'Gay Marriage':

o Children have a right to a mother and a father and redefining marriage robs them of that birthright. It redefines everybody’s marriage and makes marriage adult-centred rather than child-centred. It also attacks freedom of expression and freedom of religion, as dissenting views are denounced as hate speech, and subject to penalty under anti-discrimination laws.

• Keep a disciplined tone and use your own words.

Please circulate this message among your contacts.

E-mail All Coalition MPs and Senators here.

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