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The AFA urges families to take action on the following federal issues.  Please contact your state/territory AFA branch for information on local and state issues.

A mother explains her concern with so-called 'Safe Schools'

Watch new video on the Safe Schools program: Paige (mum of 2 and La Trobe student) –"It is contrary to what I am telling her at home. …don’t cut parents out of the conversation ... making sure that if a family has concerns they are not shut down … called bigots".

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What IS the Safe Schools program?

Warning graphic content!

To see samples of what is in the program click here and here and here and here and here  (and here to see how Safe Schools links to - scroll down to Sexual Health Information). Click here to find out if your child’s school has signed up to Safe Schools.

For further info and to sign our petition you can go to

Gender Politics: Croome's blackmail gamble

There is barely any example of gender-identity politics starker, or more reckless, than Rodney Croome’s use of LGBTI youth in his campaign to redefine marriage.

An article published by the veteran gay-rights campaigner in The Age on Tuesday (August 23), argued that the marriage plebiscite should be cancelled because apparently it would inevitably lead to youth suicide: “If a plebiscite occurs, and when the first young gay person dies at their own hand, I have to be able to look myself in the mirror and know I did everything I could to stop it.”[1]  

Australians have been promised a plebiscite on marriage. 

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BREAKING VIDEO: Watch Steve, a heroic father, talk about the ‘Safe Schools’ program in his daughter’s school


You're Teaching Our Children What presents another revealing video about the true nature of the Safe Schools program.

BREAKING VIDEO: Watch Steve, a heroic father, talk about the ‘Safe Schools’ program in his daughter’s school. "It was all about gender identity, promoting LGBTI issues, you know, people say teaching about penis tucking and breast binding, I saw the links, I saw the material there, people talk about teaching kids to hide their internet history, I saw that it was it was all there…" . Every parent must watch this video.



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