Campaigners for true marriage target Rudd to protect children's rights to their mum and dad

Yesterday, at noon on a sunny afternoon in Brisbane, protesters gathered outside the
PM’s office with placards saying “…because Australia deserves a PM who supports
natural marriage…Put Rudd Last” and “…Children deserve a mother and father.” More
such events are planned this week across Australia to highlight Tuesday’s celebrations of
National Marriage Day.  


Tuesday (13th August) is the anniversary of the 2004 bi-partisan amendment to federal
marriage law. The amendment enshrined the traditional understanding that marriage is
between one man and one woman and was passed with support of both sides of politics just nine years ago.
The organiser of the Brisbane protest Luke McCormack (AFA spokesperson) warned,
“Now Australia’s has its first ever Prime Minister who wants to redefine marriage. This is
just the beginning. We have four weeks to demonstrate in marginal electorates. Marriage
revisionists will create motherless or fatherless homes …what about children’s rights?”.
National Marriage Day spokesperson Mary-Louise Fowler who is organising the NSW
event said, “Children need a mother and a father –wherever possible. To define marriage
as anything other than a union between a man and a woman is an attempt to remove this
fundamental biological link between children and their parents.”
Events are being held on Tuesday in Victorian Parliament House, the NSW Parliament
House and the Diocesan Catholic Cathedral in Perth. Speakers include the Hon. Kevin
Andrews MHR, Jan Kronberg MLC (Vic.), Dr Augusto Zimmerman and hosted in NSW by
Labor’s Greg Donnelly MLC (NSW). During the celebrations video footage of the hundreds
of thousands of anti-gay marriage protestors in Paris will be screened to participants.