Will the Government defund Costello's mother of three?

Today's commission of audit has outraged mothers who do their own childcare work by suggesting scrapping Part B of the family tax benefit. FTB part B helps to rectify the unfair advantage where a dual income home receives two tax free thresholds. FTB part B is long overdue for an increase ever since Labor moved the threshold from $6000 to $18,000. Ever since mothers doing child care work at home have been even worse off.

Today's suggestion would be a real slap in face to mother-care (still Australia most popular choice) of child care. 

1) To your local federal MP here

2) To PM Tony Abbott’s office (02) 6277 7700


The media have finally asked the important question. Does anybody want an expensive unfair enormous cash handout to employed mothers? The answer is NO by almost 3 to 1. (No 65% Yes 23% Unsure 12%)

We want government commitment to return to a system of recognising dependents in the tax system (and move away from payments). Tax justice for families means spreading total income over total dependents ( as in other countries like the United States, France, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Poland, and Spain, and in addition, the Netherlands has a closely related system.)