MPs briefed: families can be strengthened with better economic and social policy

MPs and delegates are at a conference in Parliament House today to hear from speakers on strengthening the family. Today’s conference is about creating resilient relationships and as a result resilient children.

Today speakers will cover: ‘Relationships Literacy’ for youth, strengthening marriages, family-based taxation and the economics of the family.

“Today we are calling on policy makers to renew a culture of strong and lasting marriages by educating young people about the benefits of marriage and getting government taxation and support structures right,” the Australian Family Association’s National President, Mrs Terri Kelleher said.

“Stronger families mean a stronger future for all of us. There is no way to replace the contribution of happy intact families giving back to the community and investing in our future. However, when relationships break down children suffer.

“Single income families are paying an unfair share per household of the tax take. So we are also calling on MPs to look at fairer family taxation options," said Mrs Kelleher.

“Today’s briefing will put the spotlight on families and remind our politicians that many are doing it tough raising the next generation and our future. We can do better as a nation.” Mrs Kelleher said.

Today’s briefings coincide with celebrations to acknowledge the 10th anniversary of the Marriage Amendment Act 2004.