What school parents want for Christmas, Minister Langbroek!

Queensland’s Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek is tipped to announce school assessment reforms on a day guaranteed to maximise public debate and media scrutiny – by Christmas Eve!

“In case everyone goes on holidays and misses it, we are asking parents to look out for the announcement.

“Top of the Christmas wish-list for parents is axing, or capping at 10%, the unpopular, time-wasting ‘Google-it inquiry’ assignments. We must allow teachers to get back to instructing our children, especially in challenging subjects like maths, chemistry and physics.


“Our State’s strange assessment methods must go before school starts in 2014, or academic outcomes will decline further and more Queensland kids will become unemployable,” warned Australian Family Association spokesperson, Mrs Tempe Harvey.

“Teachers are counting on Minister Langbroek to put an end to Queensland’s bizarre alphabet marking and use proper numerical marks (e.g. 7/10) from early primary school to Year 12, like every other State,” she said.

Mrs Harvey warned that numerical marks would be useless if the government still requires primary and secondary schools to use fuzzy A-E criteria (known in Prep-Year 10 as ‘standards elaborations’) that do not require correct answers, even in maths and science.

“Premier Newman needs to put adults back in charge of our education system. Otherwise, Queensland schools will continue to decline and remain among the worst of all Australian States.

“Experiments involving kids making adult decisions about teaching – such as the government’s pilot scheme to trial linking children’s feedback to school teachers’ pay and promotions – are doomed to fail,” Mrs Harvey said.



Tempe Harvey            M: 0420 857 688         E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Michael Ord                M: 0497 282 947         E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AFA’s Open Letter to Premier letter-boxed December: www.family.org.au/qld/School_Watch_Qld.pdf 

AFA radio interview 9/12/13: http://blogs.abc.net.au/queensland/2013/12/educating-queensland.html?site=brisbane&program=612_morning



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