NAPLAN ‘zero’ mugs Qld Minister’s ‘great results’ schools mantra

As Queensland schools wallow for a second year below the national average on all 20 numeracy and literacy tests, parents are losing patience.

“Our zero out of 20 NAPLAN score is completely at odds with Education Minister Langbroek’s ‘great school results’ mantra,” AFA (Qld) spokesperson, Mrs Tempe Harvey pointed out.

“Queensland parents are saying, ‘How can we still be behind in Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 maths and English but we have great results in Year 12? He can’t have it both ways!’

“These latest results show Queensland kids are badly behind but catching up each year, as NAPLAN’s invaluable data exposes our weaknesses.

“On the other hand, Mr Langbroek has no idea if our senior students are actually passing their subjects because Queensland is the only state without state-wide ‘external exams’ that count for around 50% towards Year 12 subjects.

“Proper1 external exams that reliably scale2 internal school tests are Liberal National Party policy, so what are we waiting for?” asked Mrs Harvey.



1. Minister Langbroek’s OP Review (due to report 31 July 2014) foreshadowed earlier this year recommending an untried, experimental species of ‘external assessment’ in favour of proper external exams that scale in-school results.

2.  Scaling involves calibrating each school’s in-house subject results against the external results to prevent any self-assessment ‘cheating advantage’.


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2014 NAPLAN state and territory results to reveal Queensland falls below average yet again, by Tanya Chilcott, Courier-Mail 18 August 2014 

Quote: “(QUEENSLAND) students have again failed to record a statewide average, or mean scale score, above the national average in any of NAPLAN’S 20 categories.”