30 May
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Coalition may lose Senate control to ‘low-calibre’ families

Tony Abbott’s paid parental leave scheme which increases discrimination against parent care may cost him enough votes to deliver pro-family parties the balance of power in the Senate at the federal election, according to the Australian Family Association.

AFA spokeswoman Tempe Harvey said that the Opposition Leader was not doing himself any favours by continually insulting families who sacrifice income to afford parental childcare.

“Yesterday he agreed to dump the pared down Baby Bonus for unwaged mothers while clinging to his parental leave scheme that would give up to $75,000 parental leave to rich women in paid work,” she said.

“Mr Abbott’s suggestion that this will affect only a few women not in paid work is contradicted by the most recently available federal government budget figures.

Forward estimates for 2011-2012 show that the 160,000 families who were Baby Bonus-eligible outnumbered the 126,000 PPL-eligible families now favoured by Mr Abbott’s full-wage scheme for high-calibre women,” she said.1

“We will be urging a vote for mothers in the Senate, particularly from the 1.3 million families currently in receipt of Family Tax Benefit B who are mostly using mother care for their 2.6 million children.3

“Why should these families shoulder the burden of Mr Abbott’s massive business levy for rich women’s mortgages, when they can back parties that recognise parent care as an equal childcare choice?,” said Mrs Harvey.

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