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Essential History Timeline (7 session course)

Brisbane: The course is especially designed to ensure children learn and remember an essential timeline of history through seven eras from Stone Age to present day.  Book here.

Includes: 7 x 1 hour interactive History classes

Grades: For Years 6 to 12
Time: Wednesdays 6:45pm to 8:00pm
Dates: Term 4 2015:  First session Wed 14th Oct  Last session is Wed 25th November

Location: Emmaus Centre, Cnr Central Ave and Given Terrace, Paddington Qld 4064

Cost: $80 per student (fixed cost). Save $10 by booking early.

Parents are free.  Book now or by 13th Oct deadline.


Parents must sign in and sign out children.  Arrive early (630pm) on first night to allow time for registration.

My Essential History Timeline from Stone Age England to modern day Australia is a course especially designed for Queensland school students. As a former lawyer, I have given appropriate emphasis to the Anglo-Christian origins of Australia’s parliamentary democracy and court system.

The course is focused on achieving these outcomes for your child.
1. Direct instruction: All one hour classes are all taught at a fast-moving pace, including – plenty of class involvement with questions and quizzes throughout, Power-point slides, videos & worksheets based on what has been taught and large colour-coded timelines with dates and pictures covering each era.

2. Chronology & Eras: Key events & dates from Stone Age England to modern Australia are taught in
chronological order e.g. “AngloSaxon” era from 500 -1000AD.  The timeline is divided into seven eras: Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman Era, AngloSaxon Era, Feudal Era and Modern Era.

3. Heritage, settlement and governance: Key events in English history and followed by the settlement of Australia by Aborigines and Europeans & the ‘birth’ of the Colony of Qld in 1859 and of Australia in 1901.

4. Western heritage: The course charts the English and Christian origins of Australia’s democracy and freedoms, our court and jury system, and individual rights such as the notion of free speech and private property rights. I have called it the “essential” history timeline, as it is especially designed to provide your children with a solid basis for later learning.

Please do not hesitate to contact Tempe Harvey with any queries. [email protected]

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