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Minister Kate Jones must close Qld school cheating loophole

A giant cheating loophole could derail a controversial Qld senior assessment model set to replace the OP System by 2018 when the current Year 9 students reach Year 12.

The model’s co-designer, Dr Gabrielle Matters of the Australian Council for Educational Research, claimed at a recent educators’ forum that cheating occurs in ‘every system’ in response to a questioner who claimed her proposed assessment system irresponsibly failed to address the issue.

Dr Matters told her critic that parents joke, “I’ve got to go home and do x-y-z’s assignment.” Despite her candid admission she offered no suggestion for deterring cheating on school-set projects other than stronger Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority guidelines.

The AFA’s Tempe Harvey said no one objected to parents helping their children do better at school, “however, the current Qld system and the ACER model allow grades that decide university places and jobs to be awarded unfairly,” she said

“The post-OP System must have safeguards to ensure, as far as possible, that high stakes assessment is actually the student’s own work.

“It’s just a myth that you cannot get around this problem. Unlike Qld, the other states have for decades had a reliable system to authenticate student work. In all other states students sit independently supervised, comprehensive, end-of-Year 12 external exams (worth around 50%) in every subject.

“NSW, Victoria and WA also get around the in-school assessment cheating problem by adjusting (scaling) in-school results to match the school’s highly reliable external exam performance. This makes cheating behind school gates largely counter-productive.

“Education Minister Kate Jones must reject ACER’s leaky model which is the subject of public consultation until 31 March.

“Minister Jones should engage interstate experts to get Qld the proven interstate external exam system without delay,” Mrs Harvey said.



The forum referred to above was held by the Australian Council for Educational Leaders at 5pm 24 Feb 2015 at Cavendish Road SHS. www.acel.org.au

“Why the ACER model should be discarded” by Dr Matt Dean, published on the Plato Qld website. http://www.platoqld.com/?page_id=2716

View Leaflet:  www.schoolwatchqld.com