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What happens when you decriminalise abortion?

A conversation starter for MPs and voters Politicians could be forgiven for not fully understanding the impact of legalisation they introduce or vote for. Take, for example, the current Queensland parliament faced the non-enviable task of discerning whether to vote for or against a Labor-government bill to decriminalise abortion. For the sake of Queenslanders then, […]

Abortion hurts women too
New abortion poll shows Queenslanders still reject Jackie Trad’s bad bill
August 21, 2018 admin ,

The AFA and Cherish Life Queensland have commissioned yet another YouGov Galaxy Poll focusing on issues specific to the wording of the Queensland Law Reform Commission’s draft abortion legislation. The legislation’s wording is set to remain unchanged as it is introduced to Parliament this week under the title:¬†Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2018.¬† Please click here […]