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Your actions have made significant progress in campaign against harmful Safe Schools program, but…

The announcement by the federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham that the federal funding for the Safe Schools program will not be continued and that substantial amendments need to be made to the program vindicates grave concerns expressed by parents, MPs and organisations such as the Australian Family Association (AFA) about the content and focus of SSCA.


Thankfully, several journalists and commentators have come out against the ideology and subversive politics behind Safe Schools. Read the most recent article that appeared in The Australian yesterday. Another two good articles that appeared recently are here and here.

HOWEVER, only state premiers and education ministers can decide to ban the program in schools within their state.  

Even if the suggested changes were implemented (which they are not) the program would still contain links to Minus18 and Twenty10 (these sites link students to inappropriate content), students would still be encouraged to cross dress, use opposite sex toilets and change rooms and there is no realistic opportunities for parents to seek exemptions. 

At this stage Safe Schools is rolling out in every state/territory WITH NO CHANGES.

We must demand state governments suspend the program until a comprehensive parliamentary inquiry into SSCA materials has taken place. 



1. In your own words, please email or write a handwritten letter to your statePremier and Education Minister (see drafts and contact details below)
2. Go to www.kidsrights.org.au to sign our petition.
3. Email the link (www.kidsrights.org.au) to your friends, family and colleagues inviting them to sign. 
4. Thank PM Turnbull and Minister Birmingham for their decision and tell them you fully support withdrawal of federal funding for SSCA. Email here.


Paul Monagle

AFA National President


 Draft #1   letter/email to state/territory leaders

Please suspend the Safe Schools program until a comprehensive parliamentary inquiry into SSCA materials has taken place in our state.
SSCA is a program that:
•has resources that direct students to links to sex clubs, adult online communities, pornographic websites, sex shops, gay bars;
•is not about bullying but about teaching students to question their sexual orientation and gender identity; and
•encourages children to hide what they are accessing online from their parents. 
Please do not allow SSCA to continue sexualising our children but remove this program from our schools.
Name, address, postcode
 Draft #2   letter/email to state/territory leaders  

Dear Premier/Education Minister,

The Safe Schools (SSCA) program has been adopted by some schools in our state to protect young people from bullying.

However SSCA is not about preventing bullying. Roz Ward who is actively involved in implementing the program has said that it is not about bullying, it is about “…gender and sexual diversity. About same-sex attraction, about being transgender, about being lesbian, gay, bisexual …” 

Many parents do not agree with the political agenda of the SSCA program but want our schools to adopt programs that clearly send the message “No bullying allowed for any reason.”

Please suspend the program and launch a parliamentary inquiry into the contents and links of SSCA material. 

Name, address, postcode
State and Territory Premiers and Education Ministers  

Premier: Mike Baird.

[email protected]

T: (02) 9228 5555


Education Minister: Adrian Piccoli.

[email protected]  

T: (02) 9228 5555



Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

Online contact: http://www.thepremier.qld.gov.au/tools/contact.aspx

T: (07) 3719 7000


Education Minister Kate Jones

[email protected]

T: 07 3719 7350



Premier Daniel Andrews

[email protected]

T: (03) 9651 5000


Education Minister James Merlino

[email protected]

T: (03) 9651 1222


South Australia

Premier Jay Weatherill

Online contract: www.premier.sa.gov.au/index.php/contact3/contact-form

T: 08 8463 3166


Education Minister Susan Close

[email protected] 

T: 08 8226 1205



Premier Will Hodgman

[email protected]

T: 03 6165 7650


Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff

[email protected]

T: 03 6165 7754


Western Australia

Premier The Hon Colin Barnett

[email protected]

T: 03 6552 5000


Minister for Education Peter Collier MLC

[email protected] 

T: 08 6552-6300 



Chief Minister Andrew Barr

Online Contact: https://www.contactmyminister.act.gov.au/#minbarr

T: 02 6205 0011


Education Minister Shane Rattenbury

Online Contact: https://www.contactmyminister.act.gov.au/#minbarr

T: 02 205 0005



Chief Minister Adam Graham Giles

[email protected]

T: 08 8928 6500


Education Minister Peter Glen Chandler

[email protected]